Temple Tour Of Gujarat

Gujarat Temples

Magnificently sculptured temples are one of the major attractions of this never-never land that is nevertheless one of the major industrial states of the country. Dwarka, Rukmini Temple, Dwarakadhisha Temple, Somanath Temple are some of the temples that are most revered ones.

Somnath Temple :

Somnath, the eternal shrine, is as old as creation. The temple which has risen seven times from ashes till now depicts a saga of devotion and heroism. The legendary temple is believed to have been built by the Moon God - Soma and enshrines one of the 12 jyotirlingas. Relics of old Somnath temple have been preserved in a museum.

Dwarka Temple :

Dwarka on the western coast of Gujarat, is one of the 'Char Dhams' of Hindu pilgrimage. Lord Krishna settled and established his kingdom over here after leaving Mathura. Archaeological excavations reveal that the present day Dwarka is the 6th city on this site, the earlier 5 having submerged in the sea. Places of Interest are Dwarkadish, which is a 2500 year old shrine, Rukmani Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna's wife, Nageshwar Mahadev which enshrines one of the twelve jyotirlingas etc.

Akshardham :

It is the most famous temple of the Swaminarayan Sect which is the richest sect in the world. The temple is built with pink stones having beautiful carvings. The Akshardham complex houses the first ever interactive exhibition under one roof. It is surrounded by lush green gardens and admirable fountains. This temple is situated in Gandhinagar.

Palitana :

It is one of the most important Jain pilgrim centres and lies at the foot of the Shatrunjaya Hill. The sacred hill rises in a crescendo of 863 magnificient temples, most of them carved out of white marble. The temples were built over an impressive span of 900 years. The Shetrunji river flowing to its south adds to the beauty of the scenic landscape. The 600 metre climb to the hill is ususally made on foot. However Dolis or lift chairs are also available for the ascent.

Ambaji :

This temple is dedicated to goddess Ambaji. It is situated on the Arasur Hill and can be approached by road from Abu Road in Rajasthan, as well as from all other important places in Gujarat. A folk drama called 'Bhavai' is performed in the courtyards of the temple.

Modhera :

The Sun temple of Modhera, which was built in 1026-1027 A.D. by King Solanki Bhimdev I is one of the finest examples of Indian temple architecture. The temple stands high on a plinth and every inch of the exteriors as well as the interiors is carved exquisitely.

Dakor :

This temple town dedicated to Lord Krishna is situated about 90 Kms. from Ahmedabad. The temple of Ranchodrai has the idol of Lord Krishna which is believed to have been brought from Dwarka by a devotee.

Becharaji :

This temple is another important seat of Mother Goddess in Mehsana district. This temple is thronged by Hindu devotees, especially childless women.